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For employers

NextGen is a *FREE, managed service that helps employers support the next generation of talent in London. We can help you: 

  • Build a pipeline of young, local talent

  • Demonstrate your ESG/Social Value commitments

  • Provide your employees with inspiring local volunteering experiences.

We've worked with a wide and growing network of local schools and colleges to make connecting with local students as simple and effective as possible.  

So get involved today, and together we can ensure that London's young people have equal access to the development opportunities they need to thrive. 

*the more students we support, the more funding we need. If you'd like to pay it forward and help fund the programme then get in touch.

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Why Southwark & London?

Every young person needs high-quality career guidance to make informed decisions about their future. Good career guidance is a necessity for social mobility: those young people without significant social capital or home support to draw upon have the most to gain from high-quality career guidance.

You don't know what you don't know. 

Research from the Education and Employers Taskforce shows that a young person who has four or more meaningful encounters with an employer is 86% less likely to be unemployed or not in education or training and can earn up to 22% more during their career.

We initially chose Southwark to launch our programme, but why? Southwark has a large and diverse population of children and young people, with over 60% from black and minority ethnic groups. However, Southwark is also one of the most deprived boroughs in London, and faces high levels of social inequality. As a result these young people in Southwark are facing a variety of challenges.


We have now launched beyond Southwark and work with employers, schools and colleges from across London. 

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Challenges facing young people in Southwark

Low Income Families

Southwark children are more deprived than the London average with approximately 15,000 children age under 16 living in low income families and 23% of school pupils claiming free school meals. The number of children in low income families is increasing across the borough

Mental Health

Children growing up in inner-city areas like Southwark, particularly in families living with financial insecurity, are more likely to have mental health issues by the time they hit adolescence.

Poor Employment Opportunities

Southwark is seen to have poor employment opportunities. A study conducted in Bermondsey showed the majority of young people would look for work outside the borough due to lack of opportunities.

Difficulty Accessing Support

Youth unemployment is a growing issue across the UK, however those from disadvantaged backgrounds are most affected, and find it harder to access support and opportunities.

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Benefits for Employers

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  • Access a wider range of talent and enhance your companies success with a more diverse workforce
  • Help address emerging skills gaps and shortages
  • Increase knowledge among your future workforce and help strategic workforce planning


  • Offering workplace experiences helps increase your social value
  • Use your positive impact to tell a powerful brand story
  • Clear demonstration to your team that you are working towards a social purpose
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  • Help provide opportunities for existing staff to supervise and mentor a young person 
  • Develop your staff’s management, professional and personal skills
    Increase employee engagement with organisational goals


  • Boost local economic development by engaging with local community
    Increase the employability of local participants
  • Motivate staff, increase productivity and enrich your work environment
    Increase brand loyalty within you local community
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We have created a process that provides a long-lasting way to systematically and effortlessly connect schools/students with local employers, continuing to create opportunities for years to come. Our 4 step process helps employers to deliver meaningful and impactful opportunities.


Initial 30 minute consultation call to understand your availability, needs and potential opportunities that your organisation can offer  


We co-design and agree opportunities in collaboration with our education partners to ensure your opportunities meet students career goals and allows for students skills development. 



GoodPeople creates the matching process and builds connections between schools, students and employers.


We collect feedback from students, partners and employers to improve the process. We also provide you with impact reporting so you can measure your social impact.

Ready to get involved?

If you're interested in helping to ensure that London's young people have equal access to the development opportunities they need to thrive. Enter your details and we'll get in touch with more information on taking part  🚀

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch soon.


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